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Looking for the best web site hosting service with great features? Planning to start a mini-site to sell your ebook?

With so many web site hosting services out there, choosing the best one for you may be tedious. I consider myself lucky to end up with Thirdsphere for my Authentic Tai Chi mini-site. Since I began using it on April 2004, I could say that I’ve fall in love with it!

With its server reliability, prompt customer support and generous collection of useful tools and resources, Thirdsphere is certainly a value-for-money hosting service.

Although it includes many useful tools to grow my online business, the one I often use are:


Auto responder with unlimited follow up message

I use this tool to email my Tai Chi lesson preview to the subscriber, everyday each. At a predefined day, it automatically sends my follow up message to keep in touch with my prospects. This is important as some sales are not made on the first contact.

With other cheaper web site hosting, auto responder service may require third party plug-in with extra monthly charges.

Recently I subscribed with a different web site hosting company, “Site Build It” (more on in later) for my new website. Their price is about the same as Thirdsphere, in fact a little higher. But to my dismay, their auto responder is limited to only 7 messages. With Thirdsphere, I assign 14 follow up messages in 2 months time. I could add more if I want.


Mass Email

For special announcement or season greeting, this comes to use. Currently, I have email list for my prospect, customer and affiliate. I can choose to email to all list or only the selected list.

Previously, Thirdsphere provides unlimited number of mass email. But due to increasing spam activity, now it only allows 20,000 emails per day. This is more than I can handle!

But for “Site Build It” (the one I just registered), it only allows 5,000 per month. I need to pay for each extra email I send. Luckily I don’t use much email, but who knows?


Email domain @authentictaichi.com

I use james@authentictaichi.com for my mailbox. I can have any number of email addresses with the email name I want.

Thirdsphere allows me to send and reply email through Outlook Express. This saves a lot of time with better usability. Most web site hosting service only provides web based email which is harder and slower to use. With web mail, data backup is more difficult too.


Web statistic

To know how much traffic I get (at certain month, day and hour), how my visitor get here, which country are they from, how long they spend on my website and other important traffic statistics, Thirdsphere provides 3 traffic reports:

- Webalizer Statistics
- AwStats
- Analog Statistics

I often use AwStats with user friendly traffic report.


Multipe Domain Hosting

This is my favorite!

I can register any new domain and park it at my current domain. The new domain shares the disk space, bandwidth and all great tools provided with Authentictaichi.com. It’s two or more websites in one hosting package. A true value for money.

I only need to pay $10 for new domain registration (1 year) and $10 for domain parking (2 years). Currently I have one website parked on it. You can visit it at:


Later on, I will park more domain for my future ebook. A very cost effective way to expand my online business.


Other features

The features mentioned above are only a tiny fraction of what Thirdsphere provides. Other features include web page builder, click tracker, free cgi script, traffic tools and more.

Click here to check out the complete list of
Thirdsphere powerful tools for your online business


Reliability, Speed and Service

So far, I’ve only experienced server down time on one instance. It was back to normal after a short while. Data transfer speed is good. Customer service is prompt and helpful. I couldn’t ask for more.

Recently, Thirdsphere undergone some changes with more functionality and free valuable resources to help new user getting started to build their web business.

If you’re looking for hosting service for your mini-site or site for company information, I strongly recommend Thirdsphere. Through this website, you can actually try this powerful hosting service for one month… totally free.

Click here to visit Thirdsphere homepage and
test drive it for one month, FREE


Hosting for Search Engine Optimization

Recently, I tried a new hosting company, “Site Build It” for my new website on Ganoderma at:


This hosting package provides complete tools for getting high ranking in Search Engines (SE).

If your online business depends heavily on Search Engines traffic, I recommend “Site Build It”. It includes tools such as:

- SE Auto submitter
- SE Ranking report
- SE Optimization

Their online forum includes people eager for success with Search Engine and their online business. They actively share their experience and knowledge with the beginners. I believe this opportunity to ask and learn from those who have done it, is invaluable for online success.

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